Carrie Page - Twin Peaks Inspired Embroidery Hoop


Carrie Page - Twin Peaks Inspired Embroidery Hoop


Twin Peaks character hoop for Carrie Page

When Coop finally wakes up by jamming a fork into an electrical socket he heads back to Twin Peaks and reunites with Diane and who goes with him and they seem to cross over into yet another world or parallel dimension. He goes in search of Laura, except Laura is now Carrie Page who is eager to get out of town, probably due to the corpse in her living room so agrees to go with Cooper back to Twin Peaks. They go back to TP, to the house and well that scream was the ending of it all, or was it?

All these pieces are inspired by the new series of Twin Peaks. TP is definitely one of my favourite TV shows of all time, I've watched the first two series countless number of times but I was so excited when the new series was announced.

This piece measures 6 inch /15 cm in diameter. the outer hoop has been painted red a recurring colour throughout the series. This piece has been hand stitched onto a pre printed cotton fabric backed with iron on facing to make it more stable and backed with a thick sturdy felt but should still be handled with care.

This piece is ready to be hung and is intended to be an ornament/wall decor.

Not suitable for small children.

Colours may vary slightly depending on your monitor settings.

Materials used included, wooden hoop, acrylic paint, cotton fabric, embroidery floss, glue.

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