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Twin Peaks 'We Live Inside a Dream' Collection

Twin Peaks 'We Live Inside a Dream' Collection


Twin Peaks inspired ‘We Live Inside A Dream’ collection released 24th February 2019

I have loved Twin Peaks since it first aired, it is my favourite tv show so you can imagine how excited I was when I heard it was returning after 25 years! I was not disappointed, we got to meet so many new characters, even say goodbye to old, and there was so much packed into the new series, so many questions, theories, and that ending was just everything!

This wasn’t originally intended to be my first collection, though I am quite inspired by 80s and 90s pop culture in my art, this collection started out quite small and just kind of spiralled and I ended up putting my other projects on hold until this one was finished. I had this black and white tree fabric in my stash which I originally used (and then recycled for this project) to make a blouse inspired by a cardigan Audrey Horne wears in the original series but I felt that it also made a good background for this series, kind of a between worlds, which is a theme that runs through the series. It originally just started out as a few pieces for practice to get myself going but as I started to get into the project, it grew.

I left the faces blank on purpose inspired by the ‘we are like the dreamers who dreams, then lives inside a dream’ quote. We are often left questioning what is real and what is a dream in Twin Peaks, and I wanted to convey this, often in my dreams people are faceless even though I know who they are but also in TP characters are not always who they seem or who they think they are. We cross over into the different lodges and into universes, and even into different personas in this series and I wanted to keep that theme relevant. It was hard to pick characters because there was so many new ones that I loved but Diane (as you can see from the collection, was a firm favourite of mine.

I picked red and green frames because red is a colour that features heavily throughout TP and green, well just for those Douglas Firs that Coop can’t enough of.

Anyway, I hope you like this collection, I had a lot of fun working on it and yes it was fuelled by a lot of damn fine coffee!

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