Hello, I’m Tasha.

I am a designer-maker, artist and writer.

I started blogging under the guise of The Crafty Ms De Vil in 2009 as a way to document my creative pursuits. Over the years I written about many things over various blogs and have discovered a love of writing but on this site, I will mostly exploring and showcasing my journey into art. I don’t like following a set formulae, I regularly deviate from the path and go off tangent and explore new things. I have many interests and many passions, there are many things that intrigue me, I like to experiment, I like stepping out of my comfort zone (sometimes), this will be all those things, I guess that’s what art is all about.

I left my job in local government in 2014, leaving behind a career in housing drafting policy and procedures and decided to take the plunge and be self employed. I started out selling handmade items in my Etsy store, I then expanded into selling vintage which is another passion of mine, rummaging around antique malls and charity shops is one of my favourite things to do. Whilst I still do make handmade items from time to time and occasionally dabble in selling vintage, my career path is currently changing direction, and I am becoming more focused on writing, creating art and also embroidery, which you will be able to follow more of on my instagram.

I have been writing essays on various topics since my mid teens, yes I'm highly opinionated, probably because I'm a gen-x, feminist who can get quite political at times or ageing riot grrrl for short. As well as collecting my essays and re-editing hopefully for publishing one day, I also like writing stories, and am currently trying to finish a novel.

I love 90s pop culture (Twin Peaks is a favourite), music, movies and exploring, walking, photography, gardening and cooking! I drink far too much coffee and too many projects on the go at once but I love my work, even when I’m complaining about it. I currently live in Edinburgh, Scotland with my husband and two cats.

Any enquires please contact me via the contact page.