My So Called Life - Monday 12/11/18

Monday, 12 November 2018

Despite planning  this week to finish at least half of the 20 odd drafts I have sitting here in a folder, this weekend sort of made me want to write some more diary style posts as well as usual opinion/essay posts. Not that I find my life very interesting or adventurous, in fact the complete opposite my life is super ordinary and mundane. But I like reading about people's ordinary lives the same I like reading about exciting travel adventures, it's all about balance and blogging doesn't always have to be with purpose, it can just be sharing for the sake of it. Life is varied, mostly filled with boring day to day life stuff with the few odd exciting things thrown inbetween, this week has not been one of those but my usual Sunday blog post is late because of boring life stuff!

I wrote before how this year has been moving super slow, me included, just as things started to get back on track, of course something else happened. Nothing major but life has way of telling you to get on with stuff. So we are renters, so we never planned on staying here for good but this year we made the decision that we would not renew our tenancy for a number of reasons mainly sky high rent. So we're booking a little holiday to go have a look at relocating elsewhere round the country because the London housing market is basically ridonkulous, a flat on our street sold for 3/4 of a million last week. A flat in tooting, a place I grew up and worked in, a cool little cultural bolthole on the edge of the city that is scruffy but full of character has somehow now only available to, well not us. I'll let you guess how insanely high a house costs! After working in leasehold management for thirteen years, I will not buy leasehold! Anyway a move was always inevitable but it also means I can't quite get settled into my work. I'm all for change, nothing stays the same after all but their has been a very obvious shift since we moved here and someone declared it the place to buy, the local traders at the market and surrounding shops are slowly being pushed out for hip pop ups and on trend foodie places. It's still scruffy, it's just kind of lost it's character.

So with shifting career paths during the summer I knew there would be no Christmas stress this year because as with any new venture, it involves a lot of planning, prepping and also in my case brushing up on my skills. My muscle memory when it comes to drawing has complete amnesia. I spent most of the year clearing out my old business, reselling old stock and supplies and making enough room to paint and then the leak happened. Now it should be noted we've been trying to get the garden fence fixed for two years and only a couple of weeks ago the landlady sent someone round to measure up for it! That with some other repairs that I've been pointing out like the repointing of brickwork because you know who wants a massive bill for re-structural work?  Landlords, it is a perk to have a tenant who knows what the fuck they are talking about when it comes to things! Anyhoo, so I get my work room just how I need, cleared out  and decluttered, organised and ready for me to get on with stuff and the bloody roof starts leaking. So of course we sent photos, landlady is like I'll let them know yada yada yada! Thankfully we haven't had a lot of rain and the leak hasn't been so bad, it's more of a big brown stain, than a leak and then this weekend's weather happened!

I haven't been in there since Friday, when I was trying to take some photos and inadvertently managed to knock a cup of coffee all everything including myself! I walked in there yesterday to do some tidying and prepare projects for the week and was greeted with the overpowering smell of damp plaster. I looked at the brown stain, it seemed the same and then I noticed the rest of the ceiling and last night's heavy rain had decided to come through other parts of the roof and through the light fittings, it appears my work chair soaked up most of the leak as it was directly beneath it. So yeah I'm a bit peed off and may have yelled sabotage at the ceiling because now I can't switch on the lights and my chair needs to dry out. I also have to move everything out of the room, especially my fabrics because of the damp smell but also experience has taught me that roof leaks and landlords never end well. FYI my landlady manages the property from abroad, doable but not practical. I've also in my  old job visited enough leak situations in residents homes to know that water travels where it can and when it can't will break on through the other side with all the gusto of The Doors song! I also lived in a flat where we had a leaky ceiling in the bathroom, again the landlord not really hands on, wasn't really fussed (I will one day write a post about that flat and three months of why on earth did I agree to this) even after the ceiling fell down, literally minutes after my flat mate got out of the bath. So to be on the safe side I started moving stuff out, mainly my fabrics and art supplies.

I could see this as a set back, in fact younger me would have but instead I've taken a preemptive strike and reorganised my priorities. Not an ideal situation especially in regards to to earning money but I knew things would be kinda lean for a while anyway. The shed/outhouses downstairs in the garden needed to be emptied out anyway, one to decided what stays and what goes, and secondly because the repointing needs to be done. But considering it took them three years to come back and look at it again I'm not really convinced that they will be repaired anytime soon. So I emptied it anyway because one had all our packing boxes in and decided to start packing away the stuff we don't really need right now, like DVDs because we have so many TV series on the Tivo to catch up, the bulk of books because I don't read that quickly anyway and so on. It will also give me the push to have one last sweep through things to decide what stays and what goes. So despite me proudly declaring on Twitter the other week that the living room was finally looking like a living room after I cleared out all the excess stock on eBay, it's now filled with empty boxes, my personal knitting and fabric stash and a bunch of art supplies. There are still things in the craft room because I couldn't empty it all but it will need to be emptied eventually to fix the damage and to redecorate.

Yes it's an inconvenience work wise but it is what it is and despite me joking a week ago would it be too early to start packing things away, it turns out I am anyway and at least when we do move, we won't have to worry about that! Besides I've become an excellent packer over the years having moved quite a few times, when I left my flat to move in with The Goth, the van driver was convinced all my stuff wasn't going to fit in, I told him not to worry, packed the van myself and there was room to spare. Despite the chaos I create when making things, I can actually be quite a methodical and organised person when I need to be, part of my old job was also writing policies and procedures. Anyway apart from prepping my art project and editing and finishing the 20 odd blog posts, I now have some packing to do and possibly prepping another eBay/Depop sale to shift some stuff.

If you've managed to make it this far down thanks for joining me for another episode of my not so exciting so called life! Don't worry, I'm not planning on doing these every week but every so often as more of a life update thing.

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