The Birds and the Bees

Thursday, 27 September 2018

No this is not that talk, this is a budget mini makeover over.

We are currently renters, so there is only so much I can do in the way of redecorating when I get the bug for a revamp. Mostly I just move furniture around, rearrange the bookshelf to look like a rainbow, buy new bedding and all that.  We try to be sensible when it comes to furnishings, like we got all our vintage bedroom furniture off eBay pretty cheap, the same with our kitchen table and chairs, and the glass display cabinets for our living room from house clearance shops, even with delivery it cost a fraction of the price than it would have from a mainstream furniture store. And yes I'm going to be one of those people but 1930s/40s furniture was built to last, it's sturdy and strong but sometimes we also like to splurge on ridiculous things, like this gold coloured bird foot side table! 

Another blogger posted about this table and because it's so kitsch I had to have it, I love things like this.

In my craft room clear out, I discovered I've been hoarding a bunch of cushions, possibly for a project who knows I have a billion forgotten ideas. On top of other things I've hoarded, I have my own set of cushions that I've been lugging around for a while. I also unearthed some Ikea fabric I bought in a clearance sale, and some teal fur fabric I bought in a textile shop in Brixton probably over five years ago now and was probably for a fur coat I was going to make but I have enough coats.

Gold is one of favourite accent colours right now, no real reason other than I just like it. The birdy table reminded me of the story of Baba Yaga, the witch who lived in a hut that had chicken legs. Then I remembered I had a bird cage again I've been lugging around with me for when finally get our own place. It was shabby chic white, which is code for made to look old so we can pretend it's vintage looking and sell it overpriced! So I spray painted it gold!

I made the bee fabric into rectangle cushions. I washed the feather insert cushions and made zipper cushions out of the fur fabric. FYI I just want to add as a disclaimer that fun fur fabric is not exactly fun to work with, that stuff gets everywhere!

So that's my little mini makeover project for this month.

Bee fabric - £? Clearance sale at Ikea
Fur fabric - £30 Brixton textile shop a long time a go
Bird Table - £65 Urban Outfitters
Bird cage - My own
Spray paint - Wilko
Plants and pots - Ikea

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