Sewing For Love Not Money

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Whilst I don't have much to show at the moment in way or work or projects and to get me back in the practice of writing, I thought I'd cover some creative related topics that I think are important or interesting etc.

There was an article recently about how hobbies are important outlet and they shouldn't be valued in terms of money. I forget where I read it now but the fundamental basis was that it's good to have a creative outlet whether it be knitting, sewing, or this case making different types of devilled eggs for fun not for money. Your hobby doesn't have to any any rhyme or reason behind it other than you love it, their is no wasted time in something you enjoy no matter how trivial someone finds it.

We have become obsessed with putting a monetary value on things, people see you making something and automatically their brain goes kerching and they're telling you should sell your stuff. The best bit it they would never buy your stuff because it's not their thing but you would make loads of money from it. They think they're helping but actually the fact of the matter is there are loads of people out there who think like that aren't actually willing to spend the money! So you learn to nod in agreement and say thanks I'll give that some thought whilst mentally filing it in the shredder.

The thing is it's actually incredibly easy to believe these people because we what to think our work has value and it does, just not the value we think it has. Making stuff and then trying to sell it can actually hard work and can be at times very demoralising, I have learnt that a lot of people at the end of the day just don't appreciate how much supplies costs, and then factoring in the skills and time it takes to make that item. I call these the 'I can make that' brigade. You will always encounter one at a fair or event who loudly declares whilst inspecting your item 'I can make that' whilst looking smug and occasionally will add 'for half the cost' as an extra twist for the knife. I've learnt not to take these personally because these people are not actually crafters or artists because if they were, they would definitely not say these things.

But I have learnt over the years not to focus on the people who say but the people who do. People see you making things and they say you should sell your stuff because that is how they value time, time is money or it's just a waste. This is obviously not true, as I said before there is no wasted time if you enjoy something. Hobbies are meant to be relaxing, they are meant to be enjoyed as soon as you start equating your time to a monetary value then it's no longer a hobby and anyone who's run a business knows that running business is not a hobby! But when you both your work and your hobbies are creative, it's important not to let the lines blur too much and now I'm kind of dividing my creativity into more distinctive camps.

As I move into a more art based career, I'm going back to spending more time sewing for me than anything else. Yes I have a few cushion covers and tote bags to finish but in regards to clothes, I was toying about starting my own line and considering I got to a point where I wasn't even enjoying sewing myself for various reasons, why bother starting something that stressful and time consuming if you're not gonna enjoy it. But I want to get back into making my own clothes especially learning how to make trousers and some nice coats because it's really hard to find decent trousers and coats that will last without spending a bucket load of money, which I do think you should invest in your wardrobe staples but that is a conversation for another time. 

I want to get back to sewing my own clothes because I like learning new techniques and the challenge. I want to get back to sewing my own clothes because I get to know me better especially as I'm at that age where my body is beginning to go through a lot of changes on top of other issues I already have, it also serves to remind me that none of us as a standard one size fits all shape. I like sewing because I can express myself through the clothes I wear, yes buying from shops is easier and I get no everyone has the time or resources to make their own clothes but to a certain degree I can make something a bit different to everyone else. I can draw inspiration from different styles I have seen and mix them up for my own.

Anyway the next time someone tries to value you work or even devalue it by comparing it's worth to something else, remember you don't owe them any explanation! Why you create is none of their damn business!

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