A Fresh Start

Sunday, 2 September 2018

So it turns out I can't stay away from blogging. I know everyone is now on the vlogging/youtube wagon but to be honest I'm just far too awkward about my face and voice being on camera. I just about get through doing an insta story without dying of embarrassment and that are thirty five retakes and the fact it vanishes are 24 hours!

But yes I'm back blogging! I've been blogging for nearly ten years now in one guise or another when I re-branded my last site and upgraded it to be all professional etc and forked out loads of money, unbeknown to me I was actually in the middle of a little career shift and I just felt obligated to an over cluttered blog that had no idea what direction it was going in but there was an lesson and something was learned and also due to financial cut backs I've had to make I got rid of the blog and all the gumpf that went a long with it and took a little break to rethink and regroup over the summer.

I originally set up another blog for my ramblings which I'm still keeping because even though I went through a whole streamlining process to try and manage everything by keeping it all in one place, I realised that I didn't really need to do that and that it's okay to actually keep things separate and in their own domains as it were. Being a creative it can be hard to separate the personal from the professional but I wanted this blog to be a bit more relaxed and just show off all the creative things I do whether it be work or for my own pleasure, or something for the home etc, I'm not creating a schedule I want this to be pressure free place and will just post when I can.

I started out as a creative blogger back in 2009, I blogged under The Crafty Ms De Vil for quite a number of years, as with life the blog went through it's changes as I did and also so did the whole bloggosphere but I like blogging and I'm not afraid to start a whole new blog from scratch. Sometimes it's just good to with nothing and build it from there rather than shoehorning in stuff in the hope that it fits. So I've gone back to basics and also where I started blogging, here on blogger I guess I've come full circle! 

What will I write about, everything I guess. There is painting, sewing, knitting, embroidery, cooking, decorating, I basically have too many interests to keep it refined and focused! Not that there is anything wrong with keeping it refined and focused of course. Blog about what you want to, blog about things that interest you, blog about your passions, maybe 10 people read, maybe even a hundred, or maybe nobody will read it, does that make it pointless not if you get satisfaction out of it. sometimes you just need an outlet, some people will share your passions, others not so much. Just do it anyway!

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