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Thursday, 28 June 2018

Sometimes I wonder should I dial it down a little when I go off on one when on Twitter. I sometimes wonder if my political leanings and rantings over people being basically crap are affecting my little business. I sometimes wonder if I'm a little too passionate about things I believe in. I get that I'm not everyone's cup of tea, some people just think that opinions should be kept to yourself and that we all should just be civil, and act like everything is a-okay. People follow and unfollow and that's their right, unless someone is being a particularly massive bellend or I just don't find them interesting, then I tend to stick with them because no one is perfect. I get why brands tend to shy away from expressing personal opinions but as long as it's not a massive conflict of interest then I welcome it. TBH I don't want to give my money to someone who supports the mistreatment of other people so i would rather know, it's all down to choice.

It's okay to have outrageous and outlandish hair colours and clothes but not opinions. I think people used to like or at least tolerate me more when I kept my opinions to myself but if I'm honest I didn't. I just felt like a coward not being able to stand up for myself or anyone else because it's taught from the minute you take your first gasp of air, that you have to fit in and tow the line if your want to be accepted and people to like you. It's true what they say, as you get older you realise that this is a lie to keep people in their place and not a place of their choice. People who allow themselves to be themselves are labelled as rebels and troublemakers.

I have stayed silent, teeth clenched into a fake smile, given myself tension headaches and stomach ulcers listening to how everyone else was right and I was wrong. Speaking up meant I was brusk, rude and trouble maker. No one wants to be the troublemaker, nobody likes the trouble maker. Lectures of why can't you be more like so and so, and this person does everything so much better than you, they do things the 'right' way. I'm fed up of being silent and knowing my place, this is how control freaks gas light you by telling you to stop being a troublemaker and being uncivil, so that we are just doomed to accept our fate.

Everyday we watch as some new measure is introduced to keep the people in their place, the time  and location varies but it is constant and will always be an ongoing battle that needs fighting as long as humans exist. It always starts with little things, the more you resist, the more they tell you to that you're out of control. I don't want to fit in, I don't want people to like me just because I'm nice and polite, I don't want people to just agree with me just for validation. I'm done with dialling it down!

I care, I am passionate about what I believe in, I'm sick of turning the other cheek when someone is a dickhead, do you how many times I've been told I'm wrong when I'm not? I should be able to have an opinion, I should be able to call some one out when they're being a dick trying to dress it up as only joke, fine I can take being called a humourless, I've been called humourless and boring a number of times by uppity snarks whilst they look down their nose at me, I can take it. My skin is a lot thicker than it used to be, I am a lot less afraid than I used to, people who snark you've changed as if that's a bad things whilst they're still stuck in the glory of the good old days! Fine bye!

Yes sometimes I might get offended for no reason, sometimes I'm wrong, sometimes I might be a little over the top, sometimes the rage is hard to control but I'm not going to apologise for caring or being human.  People who go out of their way to be offensive and then try to clap back by stating it's just an opinion can take a flying leap, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia is not about opinions, it's about people being told they don't have a right to exist in a world where they were born. People don't get to choose these options, they are not an option, they are have the right to exist. People who discard you for not having a sense of humour over their snarky derisive 'joke' can take a flying leap. Civility can take a flying leap. Civility is for the privileged who don't want their seemingly perfect lives disrupted.

I thought about this blog and making it more one way so that it would be more pleasing and appealing to the masses, and then I remembered that is not who I am. So thankfully I had good sense to save some of my old writing and maybe I will bring it back and some older pieces as well. I can't not be who I am and in the blogging world we are always told to be authentic, so well this me at my most authentic self, I am multifacted, I have many interests, I do not need to keep them separate to please the crowds. I am messy, I'm sweary, fucking it  up on a regular basis, speaking my mind and having to raise my voice because someone always tries to talk over because their opinion is more important and better than mine, all the while trying to be true to myself and trying to do what's decent. I have privilege, I should use it where I can to make a difference. I might not make a difference but I should at least try. I get not trying is the easier option. I'm not the world's best activist but I believe in a better future, small gestures build up collectively. Some is better than none.

I constantly see celebrities being yelled at by the fans for being too political, 'stick to sport', 'stick to comedy', 'oh my god how dare you sell out by having an opinion'. People are not contractually bound to entertain you personally, it's twitter, it's a free platform, people can say what they like well unless you hate the alt-right then apparently that's a problem! But I like seeing well know people expressing their opinions, it reminds me they are human too because for some unknown reason fans can't separate the character from the performer. Sometimes they turn out to be complete dicks and in a way that's good because I can make a more informed decision. I can separate the art from the artist and depending on their behaviour I can choose whether to support them or not in line with my own moral code, dang that sounds a bit preachy and pretentious but it is what it is. If someone can use their platform to help people or spread a good message, why shouldn't they, everyone should be passionate about something, except ruining other people's lives but apparently people still need reminding of that one.

There is no such thing as a peaceful times, someone somewhere is being repressed and marginalised for merely existing. I joke that I'm an aging riotgirrl, I think in reality I making up for my past self who shied away from controversy, FFS I didn't get a tattoo till I was thirty because I was worried about what people thought, yeah you look surprised, don't be, never judge a book by its cover, unless it a Mills and Boon and then it will probably live up to it (and that is not a bad thing!)

Anyway, this is me and I offer no apologies for it, cup of tea anyone?

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