Age Ain't Nothing But A Number!

Wednesday, 13 December 2017
Age is number
or so I've told myself all these years till now
but this year is different.
Oh you're still young they say
forty is the new twenty
blah, blah, blah.
That isn't it, it's not the number, it's the feeling.
The feeling that statistically you're at the half way mark or there about
(women live long in my family and hopefully I will too!)
and that you may have hit peak already,
the feeling that in a world of being told your born to stand out
that actually you're not the strange and unusual you aspire to be
but just decidedly average.
Yes, you are really good at things but is it enough to be just really good at something?
Or are you just destined to trudge along with the majority and do what you gotta do?
Or do what people tell you to do because they seem to have their shit together?
(Newsflash they don't!)
*insert cliché motivational quote here*
Regrets can be futile, they do nothing but serve as a reminder that you should have listened to yourself.
You should let them go.
Even so they are there and they linger.
I guess there is still time to start being kinder to myself,
time to be more patient with myself,
time to be more patient with those around me
who think they deserve more of my time than I do.
Time to stop looking back
time to start drinking more water
time to stop feeling guilty over things I can't fix
time to start sleeping more.
Time to start being me.
Selfish, I know!

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