The Problem With Social Media

Wednesday, 5 July 2017
I'm kind of umming and ahhing about these 'The Problem With' post titles, are they really problems or am I just falling into the click bait post title syndrome? Anyway I think social media is a wonderful thing, some people like various members of my family, not so much. I don't know whether it's because they don't understand or don't want to understand but to me I like social media, I get that's sometimes it can be a bit all too much in your face and it doesn't come without its negative sides but when people tell me that people spend too much time on their phones and not connecting with the real world I just get annoyed, not as much as I used to, now it's more of a whatever eye roll than a seething rant about ignorance and people refusing to adapt.

My folk's main argument is always about communication and that people don't know how to communicate anymore, it's impersonal, my argument is that the way people communicate hasn't really changed, it's just the format that's changed. In the old days everyone just read a book or paper to hide on public transport, these days we have headphones and tablets. My parents always comment when we pull out phones to check stuff, asking if we're talking to each other on our phones, I get they jest but in all honesty I'm getting bored with explaining that no I'm actually dealing with my business which pretty much solely depends on social media, I'm talking to friends halfway across the world because calling is so bloody expensive, or that I'm reading a very interesting article on something or that I'm actually interested in other people's opinions on things regardless of whether you think that people should keep their opinions to themselves. So I stopped and these days I just nod and carry on. Some people don;t like change and that's okay but I pretty much ted to find they are the first to complain when they are left behind. That is to also say that they are pretty much a minority, it just doesn't seem that way because they tend to be the ones who shout the loudest.

You remember in the old days when you called abroad and you had to wait for that minute delay to hear what the other person said but now you switch on your phone and actually see the person you're talking to? As the bridge generation between baby boomers and millennials I'm versed in both the old and new ways of communication, to me there are no real differences between the two aside what I said before it's just the format that has changed. Apparently I'm not Gen X, I'm actually a Xennial but that's a post for another time and I'm not sure I agree yet! It's all digital the only real difference is that it's more accessible and given more people a platform to express their views which like everything has it's good and bad points. Naturally this does not apply to every person on either side of the generation gap, it actually only applies to the few which some how end up being what appears the voice of the majority.

I've made quite a few friends on social media, some I consider to be very good friends even though we've never met because the ways to communicate have broadened allowing you to share more. Like 'in real life' a term which I loathe to use but will for the purpose of this blog, some friendships never last, they fade over time as you grow and change and they only a serve a purpose for a small moment in time. I was reminded recently that people can be very deceptive and manipulative, being sweet and helpful to anyone they want something out of but never actually doing anything for anyone else. They used to only talk to me (crash into my DM box) when they wanted to vomit their problems or grievances somewhere. I felt a boundary was being crossed, especially as they never cared to say hello or ask out I was, it was all about how they were suffering which in all honesty they weren't. Instead of them apologising for their behaviour, they told me they were sorry that I felt that way and blocked me! Serious to fuck! I guess that's the easiest option and it's not that different for IRL where someone would cut you out of their life when you pull them up on their shitty behaviour because in hindsight when reflecting over this very one-sided relationship, that is what narcissists do. I take very little comfort in knowing that they have done this to other people, and when their name crops up in conversations I can't help but feel for their next potential roadkill as they hurtle down the superhighway on their quest for adoration and validation. I just hope they treat others better but rarely do these types of people learn from their mistakes, it's always someone else's fault.

I'm not saying it's better I'm just saying it's different and that's the thing that people don't seem to understand. I always hear from my parents that they had it better in their day but I disagree, it's just different. For starters I have no physical comparison only words and to be honest as a woman I don't think I would have had it better in the old days, for starters I would have had fewer choices and would have to depend more on others because you know as a women we can't be trusted to have our bank accounts or other shit but no things were better in the old days, when everyone else had fewer choices and less rights.

Anyway I digress, something you're all used to by now in these ramble posts, I actually read a post about someone stating that they won't read your blog if the posts are too long, aside the fact the just admitted they can't be bothered to read, blog snobbery is a whole other issue I could cover in another post, which I might. Social media is not the problem, people are the problem, I'm the problem, you're the problem, everyone is the problem because of our differences. The problems will always exist regardless of the platform on which they are delivered for the simple fact that people exist. The problems won't go away unless people change or cease to exist.

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