What I learned: From Other People and Their Opinions Of Me!

Thursday, 16 July 2015
So recently I had a small wedding dress drama, the dress turned up a size too big. Someone said to me why didn't I complain and asked for refund. I told them there was no need because I managed to alter the dress myself, they said ooh you've changed since you've left your old job. It irked me for several reasons for a moment but I brushed it aside and said in so many words yes I'm all about being stress free and happy these days and in way they were right but not in the way that they intended to be. You see the person in question was having a dig, one of those who always tries to make out people out to be worse than they are, always seeking gossip about people, generally one of those people who's been around so long you just kinda of put up with them but then realise that you shouldn't, so you quietly cut them loose and let them drift off into the distance until you can no longer hear their ignorance.

Other people's opinions of you are none of your business and don't matter anyway but that doesn't stop you from being human and feeling hurt when people are arseholes to you. Over the years people have quite freely told me what they think of me, quick to judge, quick to assume the type of person I am, quick to pigeonhole me, never taking the time to actually find out who I am and here are a few things I learned along the way from that.

People will project their insecurities and bad traits onto you! You will find that when people are highly critical of you it is because they are an expert in the is field because they are guilty of behaving  or doing exactly what they are criticising you of. When they criticize or judge you for something, look down their nose at what you do, mock you for the stuff you like, the clothes you wear, it's usually because they're to scared to be themselves, they'd rather fit in than stand. Also the other reason is that they are simply an arsehole! You can be one of two people in this world, the kind that drags them self up or the kind that drags people down!

Just people grow old doesn't mean they grow up! I'm all for being young at heart, having fun, being silly etc, it keeps the spirit alive but some people never leave the playground and will always be that spiteful, gossipping bully you knew at school. In fact that bully will follow you around in various forms over your life, remember it's life source is attention, so starve them!

You will get that one friend and I use that term loosely, who will make fun of you to look good in front of other people, or they will always bring up that one negative point about you, they only ever compliment you to look good in front of other people and even that is rare. Ditch them! They are insecure and don't really like you!

Which brings me onto my next point, no matter how nice you are, not everyone is going to like you. Deal with it, move on! Not everyone on this earth is compatible.

Being popular is not all that it's cracked up to be, you can be just as lonely with loads as friends as you can be with none.

Just because you can hold an argument, stick up for yourself and don't pander to people's ridiculously over inflated egos it doesn't make you rude or a trouble maker, it just makes them small minded and petty. If people are it's my way or the highway, you're more that likely better off taking the highway!

Most people don't really care for your opinion unless they ask for it so why should you care for theirs.

There will be people who do have a good opinion of you and like you for being you and they are the people who you should care about. Also, if you like you and you know you're try your best to be a good person, then fuck what everyone else thinks, no one is perfect!


  1. Aw, sounds like they really pissed you off! It can be hard not to let people get to you but it seems you've got the right frame of mind as a starting point! I have never understood why 'You've changed!' is supposed to be an insult anyway! I'd always respond with 'Yes, that's right, I've grown, developed, learned and adapted.' 'You haven't changed!' seems like a way worse comment to me! It may be a cliché but it's true... Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind! Go be you, you're awesome! x

  2. I think at that point it was an eye roll and not this shit again kind of annoyed and decided i really was not going to bother with them again! But yes you and De Suess are right! x


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