What I Learned About Becoming Self Employed

Tuesday, 7 July 2015
It's been nearly a year since I left my soul destroying desk job in the public sector and basically on my way out the door I was like this!!!                                         

But once I got over my burn out and slept for two whole weeks I decided that I had given myself a chance to actually try and make a living doing something I love and this opportunity was not likely to present itself again and I had waited long enough for it so here are some of the things I've learned so far.

Some people seem to think self employment is dossing around all day and piss easy! Yeah that's right dude, I work nearly seven days a week because there's no one to pick up the slack or blame when it all goes tits up through dossing about!

Or because you are doing something you love, it's not real work!

 Some people seem to think it's a phase and when you tell them what you're working on, they reply 'Oh you're still doing that then?' like you're building a ladder to the moon and not building a bonafide business!

Or look at you like you've made a massive mistake when you tell them you've only made so many sales because you know like all the massive chain stores do!

Or they ask how's the business going as an after thought or like the weather, not really interested just asking for politeness sake.

Then you get the people who have just started crafting and want you to tell them everything you know and how you made it.

Or people who tell you they can buy the stuff you make cheaper elsewhere, Oh yeah, well done you supporting sweat shops, slave wages and hazardous working conditions!

Or tell you how to run your business when they have never run a business themselves.

Or ask you to do stuff for exposure or experience! FYI neither of these pays the rent , also it's an insult to ask someone to work for free, your basically saying you don't think their work is worth anything! Know your worth, even if others don't!

Then there are the plagues of self doubt, starting all over is not as easy as when you were your younger and full of confidence, life has a way of wearing down and building up your self esteem all at the same time. You wonder how you can be so great at a job you've hated for the last thirteen years and then be so mediocre at something you love?

Tax returns are not as daunting as you they look!

Being organised is vital, though three diaries and a google calendar is probably going overboard!

On Monday's you can work in your pyjamas if you want, even if the cats do give you disapproving looks!

All these photos of people working from stylish home offices, yeah whatever! Most of the time you are too busy to tidy your desk let alone find a pen pot that co-ordinates with your lap top!

Dance breaks should be made mandatory, they are kind of like tea breaks but with dancing, you could break dance if you want. Not advisable to break dance whilst drinking tea! Actually don't do any kind of dance whilst drinking tea!

You will be broke your first year and probably the year after that, so make sure you have financial support or savings. I admit had my circumstances been different I probably wouldn't have quit my job. I probably also would have had an exhaustive breakdown and actually burnt my workplace to the ground but when an opportunity arises do not waste it!

The most important thing I learned is to believe in yourself, build it and they will come or maybe they won't I can't predict the future but give it your best shot, you owe it to yourself! The only failure is in not trying!

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  1. Last time there were redundancies at work, I looked at how I'd cope with going freelance. I came to the conclusion that I could, but it'd be bloody tough. Self-employed people have my admiration, it takes such drive and determination, as well as talent.


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